What's holding you back?

I can help you set and achieve your goals. 

I know it's hard.. but...

Hi! My name is Vero. I used to be overweight with blinders on. Sometimes we don't even realize how much weight we are over until we start losing. We will tell ourselves that we're just built bigger, and our body frames are different. You'll be surprise how much smaller your body type can look once you start your weight loss journey! 

I created this simple ebook to share with those who are struggling with losing weight what worked for me. I am not a doctor, a professional trainer, or a nutritionist. I am a mother, I am almost 40 years old and I went from a size 12 to a size 4 in a year. Now that's with my trial and errors. If you stick to what I did, you can go 4 size smaller in less than a year. But most importantly you are doing it in a healthy manner! 

I hope to be able to inspire and motivate those who need  a little push to get themselves going! I am here for you!



You are not alone.

Setting your goals and achieving them is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes we just need a little boost to guide us to the finish line. That's exactly what I'm here to do, give you a boost to the finish line!

I will help you set and reach your goals.

 I understand how hard it is to make time for your own improvements. Sometimes, as working mothers, we forget that we matter. I know, I have been there! I went from 170 lbs to 130 lbs all on my own. Let me help you! Download "I know it's hard but.." for my weight loss journey advice and what I learned along the way.

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